secrete sauce ®

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    Secrete Sauce… We can’t tell you what’s in it but we can tell you this: You’re gonna wanna fuhqe, and you’re gonna wanna cummm. Your pus__ is gonna throb and drip and you are not gonna be able to keep it to yourself.

    For Use With Steam Her vaginal steaming herbs. *** This is not lubricant. Do not apply directly to Skin.

    How to Use

    *DO NOT BOIL Secrete Sauce with your water. This will cause the oils to dissipate.

    1. Add Steam Her Vaginal Steaming Herbs to your Twat Squat or another steaming receptacle.

    2. Break the bottleneck of the Secrete Sauce vial and pour the contents onto the herbs.

    3. Pour boiled water over the oil and herbs and allow the water to cool slightly before proceeding to steam your pussy into pleasure oblivion.


    Product Warning

    While it is fine to get the oil on your hands please use common sense and don't rub your eyes or pus__ with the same hand without first washing it off. I ain't got no lawyer money for you.

    This product may require you to purchase new bedding, mops, and towels. Use sparingly.